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Melbourne's Best Exhibition Display Stands

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The Amadeus Armchair is a classic French design from the Louis XV era, upholstered with a luxurious black velvet and a piping trim. We are pleased to offer our Phone & Fetch service at all Provincial Home Living stores. Our friendly team are here to help you over the phone, just as they would in person. At Dragon Hot Pot, our soup bases are based on century old hot pot recipes. Made to cook-to-order with over 100 ingredients to choose from, spiciness-your-way, our customers can create endless combinations of hot pot that’s guaranteed to be delicious, every time. The Vinyl Printed Flag display is a fantastic medium to drive impulse purchases to your retail.
A term used for the process of "rubbing down" lines and dots on a printing plate thereby darkening those areas. The adhesion of one coated sheet to another, causing paper tears or particles of the coating to shed away from the paper surface. Refers to the film portion of the colour separation process that prints roll up banner Dandenong black; increases the contrast of neutral tones. Window decals are a great way to utilise prime positions to promote your business. These Window Decals can be applied externally or internally using products such as Clear Focus™ , clear self-adhesive for a transparent look, or white self-adhesive vinyl.

Got a great idea for a pull-up banner that you cannot quite turn into a reality? By working with our graphic designers we can blast through any creative barriers together. Watch our design brief video showing how our graphic designers worked with Kwik Kopy clients, Telstra Shop. Use one design across several pull-up banners to reinforce your brand, or combine different designs on each to create a compelling narrative. Small enough to take almost anywhere, but with a pull-up action that makes them eye-catching, these banners offer the best of both worlds for ambitious businesses. Buy a Pull up banner display from us and you will gain a sharp, stylish, solidly constructed way to advertise your business at public events.
The process of placing in and adhering a book to its case covers. A chemical pulp paper , used mostly for the printing of magazines. Two sizes of capital letters made in one size of type, which is indicated by the use of a larger capital letter to start a sentence with the rest of the letters being in smaller capitals. Creating a polished finish on paper by rubbing with stone or hand smoothing a surface. A process used in halftone photography that entails the temporary removal of the screen during exposure, increasing the highlight contrast and diminishing the dots in the whites.

Also referred to as black patch; a piece of masking material which is used in layout to mask an area leaving a window into which another element can be stripped. Various methods of securing folded sections of paper together and fastening them to a cover to form a book. A term used to describe the aesthetic or harmony of elements on a page, whether they are photos, art or copy, within a layout or design.
The pressure of the image carrier, whether it be the type, plate or blanket, when it contacts the paper. That portion of the printing plate that carries the ink and prints on paper. A sheet of film or glass containing ruled right-angled lines, used to translate the full tone of a photo to the halftone dot image required for printing.
A problem that occurs when the printing on one side of a sheet is seen from the other side. A photo print made by using a halftone negative; also called a velox. A measurement equaling the number of lines or dots per inch on a halftone screen. A paper that shows sign of erasure so that it cannot be altered or tampered with easily.

To raise in relief a design or letters already printed on card stock or heavy paper by an uninked block or die. In rubber and plastic plate making the process is usually done by heat. A method used by ink makers to determine the colour, quality and tone of ink. It entails the drawing of a spatula over a drop of ink, spreading it flat over the paper. Darkening of halftone image due to ink absorption in paper causing halftone dots to enlarge.
You need a Pull up banner that is built to last, and that is exactly what we offer. Our banner signage products can handle the wear and tear of regular transporting, time after time. In the office, on the road, or wherever you may be, pull-up banners are an excellent poster alternative. Held tall by its own stand, your pull-up banner will get people talking for all the right reasons.

Thanks guys for helping me out a while back with small colour booklets. Through data analysis, except for the information display function, Roll Up Banners can also be used as event background wall, brand promotion, and free reception.
A coarse, unbleached paper used for printing and industrial products. This is a term that refers to a paper that a printer keeps on hand in his shop. Space between pages in the printing frame of a book, or inside margin towards the back or binding edge. The blank space or margin between the type page and the binding of a book. An area of image where halftone dots range continuously from one density to another. A fault in printing where the ink fills in the fine line or halftone dot areas.

The main shank or portion of the letter character other than the ascenders and descenders; a term used to define the thickness or viscosity of printer's ink. To sketch the primary areas and points of reference of an illustration in preparation for going to final design or production. Although seemingly dry, paper does contain approximately 5% moisture. In cases where there is excessive moisture and the paper is passed through a high heat-drying chamber, the moisture within the paper actually boils and causes a bubble or blistering effect.
This assures higher quality when two sides are used for printing. A bright white pigment used for printing on metal and flexible packaging. A process of generating multiple exposures by taking an image and stepping it according to a predetermined layout.

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