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Exotic Car Rental Miami

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This is a list of reader-submitted public events, virtual and in-person. CDC social distancing and other guidelines may apply. Rolls Royce rental Miami Please use the contact information to verify details. All programs and activities are subject to change without notice.
We will do anything to earn your business, trust and confidence. We understand the hospitality and the transportation industry and will manage every effort to make your experience a memorable and extremely enjoyable one. We learn everyday thru you and we appreciate the business, any issues or concern we will be ready to tackle it.

Not only you will laugh your lungs out in their office till you get the paperwork done, but you will also get to choose from a wide selection of flashy supercars. We are glad to welcome guests from any country, so do not require an international driving permit. Nevertheless, if you have an international format of driving documentation, we will accept it as well. We know the automotive industry thrives on community.
We are aware that your plans may change at any time, therefore we offer free modifications. We invite you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section and resolve all your inquiries regarding your rental. Once you’ve signed the contract and the rental is in use, you will not be able to modify your reservation through Miles Car Rental. Any modification desired must be requested directly with the rental Company.

Gone are the absurd capital requirements of ownership and the hassles of maintenance, downtime, insurance, storage and transport. As a DreamShare member, you focus simply on enjoying the driving experience and leave everything else to us. To help protect both customers and employees, we have modified our car rental process. This includes the addition of curbside rentals at our locations to help promote social distancing by getting you quickly on your way while avoiding foot traffic in our locations. You should be at least 25 years old to order rental services in Miami.
We really believe that everyone should experience what it’s like to drive the best vehicles ever manufactured to truly understand the value of the craftsmanship of every detail of these cars. Auto Boutique car rental offers luxury, sports, exotic car rentals and hire services in 15 locations across the state of Florida. We are a premier name in car rentals services with 20 years in business based in Miami and service the majority of cities in Florida.
Thanks to the fact that we do not have to go through the complex policies of a multinational chain, our customer requests are dealt with easily and efficiently. Luxurious beauties for breezy rides and enjoy evenings in Miami, Florida are also available. MVP Exotics is Miami’s premiere luxury rental platform. MVP is known as the celebrities’ favorite in Miami.

You can now experience the tropical climate of Miami while traveling in the lavish car equipped with all facilities you want. We help you make the most of the trip by suggesting to you the best options for car rental Miami Beach at a competitive price. Ditch the ridesharing apps and hire us to cut down the cost to reach Miami Beach. You can enjoy the intriguing look of Florida by rolling down the car windows like a King or Queen on the go. Pick from our latest selection of exotic cars, late, high-end model, SUVs and sedans. Save big on luxury vehicles and make your trip special by renting the best car.
We have competitive pricing options to allow you to rent out your vehicle when you’re not using it. We bring cars in from all over Canada and the United States. It gives me great pleasure to see the happiness and fulfillment my exotic toys bring to my clients. If you are a resident of South Florida or a traveler on vacation or business, I can meet all of your luxury services needs.

Whether you need different cars for your business and pleasure, tell us and you would be served the right car. Well, there are several reasons why you need to rent for one of your favorite luxurious cars. If you’re aiming to arm your south Florida visit with the automotive equivalent of shock and awe, add Lou La Vie to your speed dial. We either pick you up at the airport or deliver your rental right to your hotel, house, apartment, condo, office or wherever is best for you. A Ferrari 458 can be rented for $899 per day or less with longer term rentals.
We allow our clients to be satisfied in premium experiences at the best rate possible. We make it easy and simple for anyone to rent out an exotic vehicle. We hope that by now, you can plainly see why we are the best exotic car rental company in Miami. Best prices, best website, best process, best deposit. If you still aren’t sure, reach out to us in the way that is easiest for you.
The McLaren MP4-12C which is the worthy successor of the legendary Mc Laren F1 supercar is surely one of the most exotic looking vehicles to hit the road. The mechanical layout of its broad mid engine is not unusual among supercars but what distinguishes the McLaren MP4-12C from other supercars is its McLaren only technology. Riding a McLaren MP4-12C is like a dream fulfilment for many Americans even if it is just for a day.
Vehicles are available to international visitors with a valid passport and driver's license from their home country. We can arrange for insurance coverage for those international visitors renting for a minimum of two days. Please note that international renters who do not have their own insurance coverage will be subject to a higher security deposit ($5k - $15k, depending on vehicle). The regular auto park renewal is our responsibility. We aspire to have fully satisfied clients that want to order new services next time of their Miami visiting. Among available models, there are a lot of restyling ones and absolutely new products of the world car industry.

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